As CQP’s main blacksmith, I shall in be charge of the creation of the sword. To this end, I have brainstormed several ideas for the blade itself, as well as the hilt, handle, and pommel. Of course, the more elaborate I make the plans, the more effort (and more time) it will take to complete. However, regardless of this, I want the most awesome sword possible.

For the blade itself, I’ve been thinking of a damped harmonic oscillator style of shape. Starting high, it shall elagantly slope downwards before rising again in glorious triumph, if slightly diminished. This shall then asymptote to a straight line, eventually cut and shaped into a point. This blade shall be precisely 1 metre long (or, as close as I can get it). There shall be a double fuller, with the head of CQP inscribed between. The cutting edges will be inscribed with the great works of Quantum, those of Schrödinger, Maxwell, Lindblad and Bloch(-Redfield). After inscribing, the blade shall be coated in titanium nitride and then ground down to a mirror polish, to allow the inscriptions to be inlaid with “gold” (A system will need to be developed for additional inscriptions).

(Placeholder for equations)

For the guard, I haven’t really had too many ideas. The hilt I want to 3-D print in clear resin (because awesome), and the pommel… well. I don’t know. For the guard, I think maybe some sort of mathematical constant, or maybe something based on a certain chaotic system I know Tim is working on. Something like that would look awesome. I’m also thinking that maybe we can get these coated in diamond, for the extra awesome (and cool) factor. Here’s some cool looking hilts, which I’m thinking will be worth considering.

A few sweet designs that may be investigated further.
A few sweet designs that may be investigated further.

Of course, I am more than happy to entertain outside ideas. So long as the “outside” doesn’t leave the Physics realm. I’m planning on using some CAD software to more fully design the sword (as well as the 3-D file for the handle), so that will be coming soon!

Until then, keep “sharp”! hehehe…