The Haskell Horn is a work of genius and madness. Combining the ancients arts of blacksmithing and tom-foolery; it shall stand as a monument to the nouveau art of Haskell.

The project will be divided into several streams, headed by various accomplished people (that is: Tim and David). Stream one will comprise the creation of The Horn itself, including molding and capping, utilising iron and fire. Stream two will encompass the construction of both the moving platform and the locking mechanism for The Horn to rest on: ensuring only those with the approval of the council can blow The Horn.

The Horn itself will be made of horn, as large as we can get it. Its call shall be a glorious baritone blast - penetrating barriers and bamboozling those who do not practice the glorious art of Haskell. When blowing The Horn, it shall be akin to ritual: celebrating the glorious Haskellism and calling upon The Great Haskell to bless all Haskellites who excogitate recursion. Of course, as all neophytes are well aware; according to the Haskell koans [1, 2] - To understand what recursion is, you must first understand recursion.

To be eligible to blow The Horn, one must submit - in n-licate (where n is the number of council members) - the proposed Haskellism. Upon consideration; a decision shall be made as to whether the proposed code is, indeed, a Haskellism worthy of The Great Haskell. The Great Unveiling shall then occur, in which The Horn is unlocked by two members of the council and The Horn shall rise from the depths, shrouded in mystery (from a smoke machine). The Horn shall then be sounded by the code proposer, and all shall rejoice in its dulcet tones.