Cloaks. Majestic. Awesome. Warm. These versatile garments can be used as just about anything: rain shelter, blanket, pillow, distraction, even a towel. And, as we all know, if you know where your towel is, you’re a real hoopy frood.

Knowing this, why wouldn’t we have a CQP cloak? Because we haven’t made one yet, of course! However, our cloak wont just be a cloak. No, it will be far more amazing than the remarkably versatile cloak. It shall also double as a hammock, and become the mighty Hamloack! Never again shall the head of CQP be without either cloak nor hammock.

It shall be trimmed in irmine fur (or something far less expensive), with gold (faux gold) stitching and have the CQP coat of arms emblazoned onto it.

Perhaps it shall match the uniform or some such as well! Who knows?