Amongst the academic community at RMIT, there is a tragic occurrence: a plague of procrastination; a horrific lack of that most basic human right. I speak, of course, of automatically unlocking doors.

Finally! I got through!
Finally! I got through!

The idea here is to create a device to open someone’s door from the inside without damaging the surrounding areas (for fear of bringing down upon your head the wrath of the dreaded Property Services). This shall enable a suitably lazy motivated researcher to unlock their door without all that hassle of the back-breaking labour that is key turning.

There are several provisos, though:

  1. It must not damage anything (as stated before, but this is important).
  2. It must not interfere with the easy, manual opening of the door from the inside.
  3. It should be quick, and run on minimal power.
  4. It should not be a piece of duct-tape over the locking mechanism to prevent door lockage.
  5. Most important, it should be able to be engaged at a distance, with a fail-safe mechanism as well.

As you can read, this will be quite the challenge. However, we here at CQPLαbs will pull through, because, well.

Here at CQPLαbs, we care\(^{*}\!\).

\(^{*}\)We do care. About crazy, crazy ideas and seeing them be crazy and awesome in REAL LIFE.